Why You Need to Replace Your Electrical Control Panel


Electrical control panels are used in homes, offices, as well as, industrial settings in many different types of equipment and machines. Just like all the other electrical components, you need to replace them due to a number of reasons. Some of the reasons for which you should completely replace an electric control panel are mentioned in this post.

In simple words, an electrical control panel is a metal cabinet which accommodates many different types of electrical components which control a variety of equipment and motors. Cables, bus bar, MCB, ELCB, MCCB, selector switch, overload relay, contactor, and incomer are some of the most important components of these panels.

Just like every other electrical component, electrical control panels also needs regular maintenance and repairs. And if the problem is severe, it is highly recommended that the panel should be completely replaced. Some of the reasons that make replacing electrical control panel essential are mentioned below-

  1. Damaged Cables

If the cables of a control panel are damaged severely, replacing the control panel can be a better option as compared to repairing the cables. Damaged wires can result in electric shocks and can also cause fires and burns. Damaged wires can also substantially affect the performance of the control panel and can result in malfunctioning.

  1. Excessive Moisture

If during routine maintenance you find that there is excessive moisture in the control panel, replacing the panel completely, might be the only option. Condensation is very common in electrical enclosures and can make the panel highly vulnerable to malfunction. Moreover, the condensation can also result in rusting, premature aging, breakdowns, and short circuits.

  1. Overcrowding

It is important to ensure that the control panel has adequate amp space and a number of breakers. For maintaining the safety level, the control panel should never be overcrowded or under-powered. If you need new circuits, it is better to replace the existing panel with a larger model. This will also eliminate the need to upgrade the panel later when you need more space or power.

  1. Crackling Sounds or Burnt Smell

If there are crackling sounds from the panel or if there is a burnt smell coming from the enclosure, it is better to ask a professional electrician to have a look at it. Double tapping, improper bonding, bad handle ties, improper wiring, or over-fusing can be a reason for this. Make sure a professional is consulted as soon as you find something unusual in the control panel to prevent any kind of major accident.

These are some of the most common problems that can require you to replace electrical control panels. When buying a control panel, make sure that you buy it from a reputed brand to ensure that the panel offers the desired functionality for years to come. Moreover, there are now companies that offer customized panel assembly solutions to ensure that the panel perfectly suits your requirements. For complex panel requirements, such companies can be an excellent choice. But make sure you choose one that is reliable and sure to provide you with quality products.