Why Do We Still Need Manila Rope Suppliers?


Even in today’s technological era, you still use rope for various applications. Rope is still effective even now, being used across various industries and even in household decor. Most noticeably used is manila hemp rope. Manila rope suppliers are still necessary to help in providing various places with this form of rope due to its advantages that remain effective. But, why is manila rope still used around the world today?

What is Manila Rope?

Manila rope is crafted from manila hemp; a fibre that comes from leaves of the abaca plant, located in the Philippines. Manila rope is flexible, durable and resistant to a number ofnatural factors. With this kind of rope still being an advantage, manila rope suppliers such as Synthetic Hemp, as mentioned, are found to source it to relevant companies and industries with ease.

Used for Strength

Manila rope’s durability makes it a relevant product for so many industries today. You will tend to find it in use in the likes of theatres and children’s play areas amongst other places. For a children’s play area, this is due to the rope obviously being used to hold a child’s body weight therefore withstanding accidents and injuries, whereas within a theatre the rope can hold various heavy items that will be moved around backstage.

Used for Decoration

The rope gives off a rustic appearance which many shop owners and homeowners will find aesthetically pleasing. You will often find manila rope to be used outside of shops for displays and to give a seaside vibe. Homeowners will tend to use this kind of rope in their gardens, again, for decorative use more than anything else; they may wish to give a rustic appearance to their garden, blending the rope in with their decking for instance.


Manila rope is famously resistant to salt water and UV rays. Because of this, the rope can be used to craft the likes of fishing nets as there is no worry of it breaking due to too much exposure to sea water. Although manila rope can shrink when wet, in some cases it can be an advantage. An example of this is that knots you wish to remain tied will tighten and therefore be kept from untying whilst still remaining durable and flexible.

Contact Synthetic Hemp

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