Why Custom Rigid Boxes are Useful for Product Displays

Rigid Boxes

Custom rigid boxes come with plenty of benefits compared to other types of packaging used for displays. They’re available in many forms, including set-up boxes, candy boxes, greeting card boxes, and rolled edge boxes, among others.

What makes custom rigid boxes different from corrugated boxes and folding cartons made of paper board is that these are made with rigid vertical walls that form a bottom tray, along with the option to include a matching partial or full paper board lid.

Sometimes these boxes are available in clear acetate or plastic to make contents visible from the outside. The latter is particularly popular for holding votive candles and greeting cards.

More Recyclable Than Other Types of Boxes

What makes custom rigid boxes more recyclable is their paper board construction, which is made from as much as 100% recycled materials.

Boxes are also capable of being wrapped with nearly any type of material that’s also recyclable including recycled Kraft and natural grass papers, among others.

Their study design also makes them ideal for keeping and reusing for a wide range of purposes. While other types of packaging tend to be easily disposed of once the contents are emptied, rigid boxes’ long life makes them suitable for branding and promotion of a wide variety of products.

Use Them to Prominently Display Products of All Types

Custom rigid boxes are useful for containing many different types of products, with designs that make them appealing for use on retail displays and for showcasing product samples.

Whether you want a nice presentation for small samples or want to provide packaging for buying customers that is as worth holding onto as its contents, custom rigid boxes are a great option for many applications.

With an unlimited number of color and branding options available for these custom rigid boxes, you can pair these packages with nearly any product imaginable. From rich candies to luxurious jewelry, rigid boxes work with a large number of products of all types.

You’ll find that there are plenty of ways to utilize these packages to meet your specific needs, regardless of use.

Work with Packaging Professionals for Custom Rigid Boxes

To take advantage of this type of packaging design, you can consult with packaging experts who can design a custom rigid box based on your company’s specific needs.

You can easily include your custom logo on any packaging solution, while at the same time taking advantage of the convenient design to keep products consistently protected from damage.

Ultimately, this packaging is an excellent sustainable and reliable option for many different applications and products, serving as a potentially invaluable asset to your product lines and marketing efforts.

You’ll be able to see a difference in customer interaction and sales with the help of high-quality custom rigid boxes as part of your business.