What To Do When You Are Contaminated With A Biohazard Exposure


People who are working on areas where there is a possible biohazard exposure is a health risk. There are many workers on this list such as a health worker at the hospital, laboratory workers, veterinarians, doctors, nurses, midwives, scientists, morgue workers, waste disposal personnel, and more. These people are at high risks and most of the times, and biohazard exposure takes place at the working area. So, in case you are exposed to biohazards such as toxic chemicals, blood, body fluids, and more then you need to make sure to follow the tips in this article.

Three Things You Need To Do After Getting Biohazard Exposure

Thoroughly Clean the Infected Surface

The first thing you need to do is to clean the infected body part. But make sure to clean it and contain the infection properly. Improper washing may lead to contamination of other parts of the body. If the skin were the one in contact by the biohazard exposure, for example, a blood sample, then make sure to wash thoroughly with water and soap. The skin is the first thing that might get exposed to the contaminants. The eyes, nose, ears, and mouth are the other parts that are also at risks that is why it is essential to wear protective gears. In case the contaminant gets inside your eyes, wash it thoroughly, if your facility has an emergency eye wash area then the better it is for you to get clean there. If there is a fluid gets inside your mouth, make sure to spit it right away and rinse your mouth thoroughly to make sure that there is no fluid gets inside. You can also contact the bioahazard cleanup service if you want to make sure that the exposure is clean properly. They also offer other cleaning services such as blood clean up, crime scene clean up, and suicide clean up.

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Contact Your Immediate Supervisor

The second thing to do is to contact your immediate supervisor so he can take the further action. One of the responsibilities of the supervisor is to make sure the area is clean, that is why someone needs to contact the biohazard cleaning service at this direction for proper cleanup. The supervisor must secure some tests required to make sure that the person who is exposed is free from contagious diseases. It is vital especially if the detected substance is from the human body such as blood, semen, vaginal secretions, mucus, saliva, and sweat. Also, make sure that the person who is exposed gets the right assessment, quarantine, and treated right away by qualified health care personnel.

Document The Incident

Documentation is essential especially if there is a possible epidemic in the facility, and one should take note what happened, where does the incident get started, what are the probable cause and resource, the time and date of the event, and list of people who are exposed. It is essential to make sure that everything is documented and no small detail will get left behind.