What is a General Purpose Trailer and What Do People Use Them For


As most of must have seen somewhere or the other, a general purpose trailer is used for transporting a whole range of items from one place to the other, and is not fitted with any kind of engine in and of itself, and instead, is hooked up to a vehicle in order to haul it around.

One of the most common examples of a general purpose trailer is one known as a “flatbed”. These are firmly connected to a vehicle by means of a ball joint mechanism, and is popularly used for carrying a range of items from small boats, vehicles, or any type of freight that can be made safe with ropes, straps, or the likes. In many cases, people usually make use of a flatbed if the goods require moving only to a not too distant destination. You will often see these for sale at renowned and trustworthy trailer companies and are ideal for anyone looking for a top quality ATV trailer in Yorkshire, or the surrounding area.

Other Types

Another popular type of general purpose trailer is the long haul trailer, which is commonly utilised to carry goods and items over long distances. This kind of trailer will in most cases be no more than fifty-three feet or 16.15 meters long. It is supported with multiple wheels along the centre and rear of the trailer, and the front portion usually has equipment which allows the trailer to hook up with a transfer vehicle. Leg mechanisms, which are commonly known as “landing gear, are usually present so as to support the front of the trailer when it is not connected to a vehicle.

As you may have seen, different versions of this type of trailer are extensively being used on the roads of Great Britain.

  • A semi-enclosed horse trailer can be connected to a vehicle and used for carrying one or more horses without any difficulties.
  • A utility trailer is an ideal and easy way to move machinery like gardening equipment around.
  • Flatbed trailers can also be used to transport all types of furniture or farm equipment, due to flatbeds not having height and width limitations like other sorts of general purpose trailers.

Even More Usage

Many different companies, such as those involved in building and those involved in landscaping, make great use of a general purpose trailer of some type to help manage their short term moving requirements. A reliable company can provide trailers at different lengths and types to manage short and long haul transportation of a range of goods and materials.

For example a householder can easily use a general purpose trailer to move a boat over to a waterfront. And while professional businesses design and make general purpose trailers, it is also possible for trailers to be expertly customised so that it will work well for various other duties.

Whatever the task you have may be, there’s certainly a top class trailer out there suitable for you!