What Can The Crimping Technique Achieve


Crimping is a very useful technique that joins two pieces of metal and wiring together using a specialist tool. You will see many examples of crimping without even noticing this on a day-to-day basis.

The process can be extremely quick and efficient when the right tools are being used. It is imperative that accuracy is maintained when the procedure is being carried out. Specialist tools can be used. The two main tools are:

  • Hand swage tools which bind the two pieces of metal together.
  • Wire cutter tools that can be used to break two pieces of metal apart before they can be sealed together again.

The crimping process can be applied in several different ways. All manner of metals and wiring can be crimped efficiently when the right crimping tool is used in the correct way.

Fixing A Chain Link Fence Together

The different links in a chain fence need to be crimped together to make sure that the fence is strong and that there are absolutely no weak points that can be exploited by people who are trying to get in from the outside.

The tools can also be used to cut the links when they are not strong enough. The metal can then be fused back together in order to make the fence much more robust. The right tools will ensure that the metal can be twisted and fused without becoming damaged at all in the process.

Fixing A Network Cable To The Plug

When a network cable needs to be joined to a plug, it cannot just be inserted as it is. Instead, the end of the cable needs to be crimped and the cable will then be attached to a plug head. This allows the cable to be inserted into the wall correctly.

Fixing Pieces Of Pipes Together

The larger tools for crimping can be used to attach different sections of pipes together. The end of the pipe is crimped so that it is compressed inwards slightly. Then this section of pipe can be joined with the other one.

Sealing Metal Cans

Metal cans need to be airtight and secure so that the food is going to stay completely fresh inside. This means that the metal lid needs to be sealed to the rest of the can with the crimping method.

Once the cans have been sealed properly then can be sent to their final destination. The right tools will ensure that the metal can be twisted and fused without becoming damaged at all in the process.


The crimping method is relatively simple but it needs to be achieved with the right kind of tools. All types of metal and wires can be conjoined using this method. You can select different tools and use them for a variety of different building jobs.

Conjoining metal and wiring will not be a time-consuming process when the cutting and crimping tools have been purchased.