What Benefits are there to Having Sheet Vinyl Flooring Fitted in my Home?


In Australia nowadays, vinyl flooring has become a top choice for more people in their homes, than ever before. But why is that? What is it that is making this type of flooring so popular? Read below and find out:

The many benefits of sheet vinyl floor are numerous and include:

  • The excellent overall quality of the floor
  • The variety of great colours and available styles
  • The characteristics of the floor.

Vinyl flooring also happens to be extremely durable and is able to deter dirt and prevent scuffing. In addition, the floor’s superb moisture resistant characteristic makes the cleaning up of any spills so much easier. Sheet vinyl flooring is also easy to maintain, which is yet one more benefit!

And Even More Advantages

  • Another great feature of sheet vinyl flooring that makes it so appealing to people who’ve had it installed is that they are easier on their feet than many other kinds of floors.
  • Sheet vinyl floors have some added padding which provides it with a cushioning effect that can help prevent breakables such as glasses and cups from breaking if dropped onto them.
  • These wonderful vinyl floors are normally slip-resistant, which indeed makes them the ideal choice for anywhere with healthcare applications.
  • This type of flooring also assists in the reduction of noise pollution as people soon notice after installation.

Affordability and Quality

  • Sheet vinyl flooring in most cases also turns out to more cost effective than other kinds of flooring.
  • And what always impresses customers who decide on having their homes or offices, fitted with vinyl flooring is the amazing quality.
  • And although it tends to be less expensive than other sorts of flooring, the lower costing vinyl will naturally be of a lower quality than the more expensive type.
  • For example, the lower quality floors will last for around ten years, while the higher quality will last for thirty years or even more.
  • Both the high and low quality flooring have what is known as a “wear layer”, with the more expensive layers having a much thicker wear layer than that of the cheaper design.

Upkeep is Minimal

  • The maintenance of a sheet vinyl flooring is no mean task and unbelievably easy.
  • Juts a casual sweeping and/or mopping is basically all the floor requires.
  • So, all that is needed to keep it looking perfect are the likes of items such as a broom, a rag, and a mop.
  • But here a note should be taken – no abrasives should ever be used when cleaning the floor due to abrasives causing scratches on the floor surface.

And Finally, Colours and Placement 

  • A lot of customers fell in love with the variety of colours and designs that vinyl sheet flooring comes in.
  • This gives it the opportunity to be utilised in many places in the home, even in the bathroom and the kitchen.

That’s benefits galore and why sheet vinyl flooring is definitely here to stay!