What Are Quartz Crystals Used For?


Are you aware that quartz crystals are used in a lot of the items you use from day to day? If not, then you are in for a surprise. Quartz crystals are made up completely of silica and oxygen, being one of the most common items on the planet! Believe it or not, these crystals can be a big part of your daily routine either through work or lifestyle, being manufactured and supplied by companies such as Euroquartz. They can be used in industries such military defence, medical and electronics because of their various characteristics. Want to get more of an idea of what quartz crystals are used for? Plus, how and why? Keep on reading…

Time keeping

Quartz crystalsare excellently used to manage time on a range of items such as watches and computers. When hit with an electrical current, these types of crystals begin to vibrate at a rate that sees a perfect 60 seconds in a minute. Because of this, quartz crystals are regularly used in time keeping as it correctly regulates timepieces on various platforms. Of course, the quality of crystal matters in terms of quality like any product you will find on the open market.


An unusual fact about quartz crystals is their ability to convey ultraviolet light. Obviously as normal glass is not capable of doing this, quartz crystalsimmediately stand out. Because of this characteristic, quartz crystals will tend to be used in the manufacturing of specific lenses and glass tubes for the likes of sunlamps. This is achieved through melting down the crystals to make them malleable for their uses in conveying ultraviolet lighting.


Quartz crystals have a distinguishing feature called ‘piezoelectricity’. This attribute simply names the process of an item giving off electricity when high amounts of pressure is applied to it. This process being done on quartz crystals means that they can help turn vibrations into electrical signals and vice versa, which is helpful for items such as televisions. Quartz crystals can also be cut in a specific way to allow them to vibrate at only one particular frequency. This process is helpful radio devices.

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