Types of Lighting Considerations for Gas Stations

Lighting Considerations for Gas Stations

Gas stations require a variety of lighting fixtures for proper illumination and energy-efficiency. Here are some of the more common types of lights that gas stations may require, depending on the size of the property and its features.

Canopy Lighting

One of the most important types of lighting that gas stations will require is canopy lighting. Canopies where the gas tanks are located are where the most customers will be, meaning that they need ample illumination when it’s dark outside.

Today, you can use energy-efficient LED canopy lighting for gas stations that helps provide enough light for customers to clearly see where they’re driving and walking, while also reducing expenses.

Convenience Store Lighting

Convenience stores will also require clean lighting, similar to lighting in hotels, to keep the store sufficiently illuminated. Customers will need to be able to find items easily, including in freezers and refrigerators where food items are commonly kept.

Again, LED lighting is typically available for ceilings and cooler spaces.

Parking Lot Lights

Gas station parking lots can range in size, but regardless of the size of the lot, lighting is crucial in these areas, primarily to keep pedestrians and drivers safe and aware of their surroundings outside of the canopy.

LED lighting is also ideal for these, with a custom brightness level and color that enables everyone to see clearly.

Building Perimeter Lighting

Keeping the perimeter of the property lit at all times is also crucial to maintain safety and visibility. Perimeter lighting can go around the entire convenience store to indicate exactly where each wall of the store is located at night.

While parking lot lights in front of the building may help people see the convenience store in addition to the canopy, perimeter lighting will further illuminate the premises to maximize brightness in darker settings.

Car Wash Lights

If a gas station includes a car wash, lighting in these spaces is another important consideration. Make sure the pathway to the car wash itself is properly illuminated to allow safe passage for vehicles.

The inside of the car wash is also where lighting fixtures will be installed, and you’ll also want to include perimeter lights just outside of the entrance and exit to the car wash. This will help make the car wash as safe as the rest of your facility throughout the day.

Consult with Lighting Experts

If you’re unsure of which types of gas station lighting to use for your facility, you can always consult with lighting experts who understand the requirements of these facilities, while also providing you with a custom solution that works for you.

Whether you operate a large or small gas station, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need with the help of professional lighting installers and manufacturers. You’ll also be able to fully customize your systems while designing solutions that help you meet all industry requirements and save money on energy costs in the long run.