Transparency and Cooperation: The Keys to Successful Mining Turnaround Strategies


Mines are massive business ventures comprised of numerous teams. This variety of teams, both in-house and contracted, makes up one of the greatest challenges for successful mining operations. That is why mining consultants like Ukwazi who implement cooperative and coordinated mine planning and turnaround strategies are such a great asset.

How do these mining consultants differ from others?

Whereas many mining consultants and contractors are focused solely on their role and prefer to operate autonomously, cooperative consultants actually bring the various teams together. By bringing together external contracted engineers, mine planners and the mine owner’s own teams, a single multidisciplinary team is formed.

How does this multidisciplinary team help?

First of all, this team encompasses all (or almost all) of the vital aspects of the mine, from engineering to management. Creating a single team that has contact with all of these aspects creates a more cohesive, informed and coordinated team that is better able to identify and respond to challenges on the mine. This is an immense benefit, especially since mine planning and turnaround strategies are so often hampered by disconnect between the various role-players.

Furthermore, in terms of connecting the various role-players, overall transparency and decision making is also vastly improved. By including the mine’s own teams, the mining consultants are able to interact with the management and stakeholders of the mine in maintaining and driving mining turnaround strategies.

Who to contact?

Get in touch with mining consultants who have a proven track record in implementing effective mining planning and turnaround strategies. When in doubt, always look for proven success and experience.