Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing An Attic Fan

Attic Fan

Although attic fans are pretty useful, choosing the perfect model isn’t really an easy job (and they are different from whole house fans). Whether it’s the installation procedure, the size, the model or the location of your current home; there are quite a few factors you’ll have to consider even before you make your final bid. In case you’re absolutely clueless about your factors and are buying this fan for the first time, here are a couple of tips that’ll definitely help you out. In the next few sections, you’ll find a complete insight on everything that you wanted to know about buying the right attic fan.

Measure the area of your attic

Before you make up your mind to buy an attic fan, it is really important to measure your attic and analyze your current ventilation structure. The type and size of your fan will depend on the kind of roof design you have and the existing location of your home. Usually, you’d need one square foot ventilation for 300 square feet of your attic floor space. In case your attic comes with a tall ceiling, you might need more space. Similarly, if it comes with a low ceiling, lesser space for ventilation for every square foot will be sufficient.

In addition to the space in your attic, you’ll also have to consider the climate in the area you live. For instance, if you’re living in a colder region, you’ll have different needs from this fan, than you’d usually have if you lived in a warmer region.

Type of the fan

This is yet another remarkable determinant for choosing the right attic fan. Usually, attic fans can be categorized as electric attic fans or solar attic fans. The electric ones are cheaper and since they won’t really depend on the sun shining every day, they will offer consistent attic cooling without any disruptions in the first place. These fans also cost relatively lesser than your solar variety. That being said, they come with recurring investments as energy bills charged every month. Additionally, they’re also not the best option for people who are looking to embrace sustainable living.

Solar attic fans will exhaust your hot air without the recurring expenditure of energy bills. Interestingly, they are also cheaper to install, as you can always do that by yourself. These fans are ideal for anyone who are environmentally conscious and are looking forward to a sustainable lifestyle. But despite the benefits they come with, solar attic fans are particularly recommended for people who live in areas that have consistent, direct sunlight. They won’t function if the sun doesn’t shine on a specific day. So before choosing these fans, check your location and find out if it deems fit for these fans.


If you’re living in a region which is warm throughout the year, it is very likely that you’ll run your attic fan more often. So while choosing a fan, it is always better to settle with an option that comes with a long life expectancy. Usually, fans with longer lifespan tend to be more expensive. But if despite the initial investment, they are an excellent option for people living in warm areas.

Contrarily, if the area where you live only heats up for a couple of months during the summer, choose a unit that comes with a shorter lifespan. The price tag is lower and the functions will suffice your needs.

Additional features

Other the fan the features I’ve mentioned you should also ensure that your attic fan comes with the following tweaks-

  • A good quality thermostat that will automatically operate the fan.
  • Durable, metal body.
  • A heavy screen that will repel the pests.
  • A well-lubricated motor.

The right attic fan will automatically exacerbate house fires by detecting the temperature and turning the fan off in these situations.

Final Thoughts

Once you keep these features in mind, choosing the right attic fan will be easier than ever.