The Importance of Maintaining HVAC Systems


HVAC is simply the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system usually present within your commercial environment. If you’ve ever been involved with a construction project or the refurbishment of a building, you may be familiar with the term.

Just like your car, HVAC systems need to be maintained to ensure they’re able to work efficiently year round, when you need them the most.

Where Are They?

Depending on the age and type of your building, you’ll most likely find the bulk of these systems either on your roof (if its flat), or located within a plant room somewhere on the basement, ground or top floor.

Here you’ll see large square and rectangular boxes which may feature vents as well as ductwork. These boxes form the heart of your system and is where much of the HVAC maintenance will take place. The ductwork is in place to take the services provided from the unit itself to the areas and rooms where heating, cooling and ventilation are required.

What Do They Do?

As well as the basics of heating, cooling and ventilation, HVAC systems are able to effectively clean and purify the air that you breathe. If you’re based in an area that suffers from high levels of pollution, a HVAC system is important to make sure that you’re breathing clean and filtered air. They are also able to control the spreading of bugs and parasites as well as mould by limiting their capacity to breed.

Due to the advancement of Building Regulations, all new commercial buildings will need at least some form of mechanical HVAC to ensure a good quality of air.

Preventative Maintenance

Depending on the type of system you have installed, you will require regular visits from a qualified engineer to ensure your system is operating at optimal capacity and performance.

Maintenance may be as simple as changing the filters on your air conditioning units. This is required as over time, these filters become dirty and can get clogged. A dirty filter is going to reduce the ability of your system to filter air efficiently as well as have an impact on energy efficiency as each unit struggles under load.

If dirty filters are left for too long, the side effects can include overheating of the condenser and compressor coils due to poor airflow. This will only add to maintenance costs and may cause your system to malfunction when you need it the most.

Reactive Maintenance

Sometimes the worst will happen and your system will breakdown. In the event of this happening, you will need to call the company contracted to maintain and repair your system. If you aren’t entered into a maintenance contract, you should call one of the many HVAC maintenance companies that operate nationwide. They will usually be able to help you in an emergency by offering a rapid response call out service.

If you are the owner, landlord or duty holder of your commercial premises, make sure that your building is covered. You don’t notice the benefits your HVAC system brings when its working but you will miss them when they’re gone.