The Importance of Handrails


The safety measures covered by handrails are paramount in an industrial workplace. In a number of different instances, manufactured handrails for particular industries ensure that regulations and safety requirements are carried out for the care of the workforce. Guardrail Engineering Ltd. Ensure that appropriately manufactured handrails are produced for the correct and important measures they are suitable for.

Prevents Falls

A main focus of industry handrails is for the prevention of falls. In workplaces such as factories, walkways can be found to be displayed quite high up. Due to occurrences that can happen so high up, such as tripping or fear of heights, handrails are necessary. They help in the protection of any members of your workforce who may find they struggle working at such heights or who find they become instable when on the walkway.

Help When Carrying Heavy Loads

When your workplace includes working at high heights or venturing up staircases, there is always the situation where you could be carrying equipment across a walkway/upstairs in the upper levels of where you work. For obvious reasons, regulations would not allow employees to put themselves at any kind of risk when operating in that kind of environment where you are travelling high up, and it is doubtful that many employees would be willing to do so without the appropriate legal requirements for safety reasons.

The use of industry handrails (with the appropriate, average handrail height) and correctly regulated stair handrail, will of course make your workplace workable and will give your workforce much more comfort and peace of mind for their own safety knowing that a reliable handrail is there and handy for support.

Support During Extreme Weather Conditions

In many circumstances, industries have their employees at work outside. In this instance, inclement weather conditions can incur. This can include extreme winds, heavy rain, snow, ice and sleet. In forms of weather conditions like ones listed, safety is again paramount when out in the open. Work flooring surfaces can become slippery and dangerous.

In these conditions, it is again important that a reliable support is present to reduce chances of injuries in the confines of the workplace. Manufactured handrails would provide a perfect solution to this, as various stair handrail options and standard industry handrails of average handrail height would again provide support and peace of mind for workers in the instance that weather conditions make their workload increasingly difficult to operate with.

Why Guardrail Engineering Ltd.?

If you are looking for where to buy handrails, look no further than Guardrail Engineering Ltd, a member of the PF Group of companies. We commit our services to manufacturing industry handrails as well as other industrial construction pieces. We obviously conform to the latest British standards and we take health and safety into account with every piece of construction we undertake. So, when looking for where to buy handrails, contact Guardrail Engineering Ltd. Call us on (01902) 871208 for any queries.