The Advantages & Challenges of Importing Goods


If you can find a feasible way of importing goods into Australia, then you have the potential to expand your operations exponentially. Finding a way to import goods into the country is often a precursor to long term success, but there are several risks involved, that’s why it is essential to do some background checks and formulate a solid plan of action.

Target Asia

You may be currently sourcing raw materials or products from the Australian market, so why would you need to start importing material from abroad? To start with, if you are shipping in raw material or goods from the Asian market, you’ve the potential to save a lot of money on labour costs and manufacturing expenses. Many of these countries can manufacture, transport and deliver all kinds of products for a lot less than what you’d pay in your own country.

Benefits of Shipping Items from Asia

Cost-efficient > Due to the size and scale of the industry in Asia, there are huge savings to be made on production costs. A lot of raw materials are available at discount prices if you are willing to order in bulk, you’ll find that you can save a considerable amount of money from importing goods. Asian countries have massive populations in comparison to Australia, which means they pay low skilled workers less than you’d get in a similar job in Australia, this dramatically lowers your labour costs.

Proximity to Australia > Asia is an enormous continent and it is right on our doorstep. If you want to import goods from America or Africa, they have to travel a long distance before they reach you, this also increases transportation costs. On the other hand, Asia isn’t a considerable distance away, so is in theory easier to import from these countries as opposed to somewhere like Europe.

Increased Revenue > If you are importing goods to Australia and you’ve found a supplier who is willing to send you items at favourable prices, you should be able to improve your profit margins. But you should still consider the quality of your goods, this factor must never change to ensure your business remains unaffected.

Consult with an Import Company

If you are serious about importing goods into the country, but you’ve no knowledge of permits, customs and licensing, it is advisable to consult with an import company. There are several of these organisations based in Australia, they offer all kinds of services from container transportation to customs brokering. They make the whole process of shipping items into the country a lot easier than if you had handled the procedure yourself. You can immediately start trading with their knowledge and assistance.

Importing goods from Asian countries can be highly beneficial to your business, they offer an excellent opportunity for expansion. It is an enormous market that is situated close to Australia which is perfect for delivery purposes and cost-efficient transportation. If you’d like to grow your business by importing goods, it is sensible to hire an import company to help you with the process.