Storing the waste from your bathroom renovation


Renovating your home or business is a messy job for anyone, hence why Adlington Skip Hire provides Skip Hire Chorley! If you’re renovating your bathroom, it’s recommended that you plan your project carefully to ensure that the mess is kept to a minimum and to ensure that all waste materials are accommodated for.

Regardless of the size of your renovation project, you’re bound to be looking for Skip Hire Chorley to store any of the following materials:

  • Old bathroom furniture (i.e. cabinets)
  • Old bathroom tiles
  • Old flooring
  • New tile cut-offs
  • Used adhesive tubs
  • Packaging

The team at Adlington Skips are always on hand to help you to dispose of waste responsibly, so be sure to consider the services that they offer for waste disposal in your local area.

Skip Hire

One of the most convenient ways to store and remove waste from your bathroom renovation is to invest in Skip Hire Bolton. Depending on where you plan to leave your skip, you may need to obtain a permit to legalise your Skip Hire Bolton, however,  this can easily be arranged at Adlington Skips.

To ensure that you get the most out of your Skip Hire Bolton, you need to make sure that you order your skip in plenty of time, not only to avoid disappointment but to ensure that you choose the most suitable skip for your bathroom renovation.


You’ll notice that Adlington Skips provide a complete range of domestic skips that are perfect for Skip Hire Wigan. Their skips start from as small as the 2-cubic yard mini skips and range all the way up to the 16-cubic yard open skips, providing you with more than enough storage space.

Don’t underestimate the volume of waste your renovation project will generate; the last thing you want to do is order a skip that offers insufficient space for you to store materials.

If you need any advice or support choosing the right skip for your Skip Hire Wigan, be sure to get in touch with the team at Adlington Skips today!


Whether you’re looking for Skip Hire Leyland or Skip Hire Preston, Adlington Skips can help you to store the waste from your bathroom renovation in a way that’s safe and reliable. If you choose to leave your skip on the road in front of your Leyland property, the cost of the permit may vary slightly to the cost of the permit for Skip Hire Preston because each council prices their services differently.


It can often work out easier having a skip placed on your driveway, so as soon as waste is generated, you have the opportunity to dispose of it right away. However, this isn’t always possible and Adlington Skips understand this; hence why they obtain the permit on your behalf. Skips that are to be left on the road will require a permit as they are at risk of potential dangers, meaning that you’ll need to acquire appropriate lighting and safety cones too.

Your skip should not restrict access for neighbours or businesses as this will only cause more hassle than it’s worth.


With Skip Hire Leyland, there are several factors that you need to be mindful of when filling your skip with waste from your bathroom renovation. Like Skip Hire Preston, there are various do’s and don’ts to Skip Hire Leyland and some materials are not suitable for the skips provided by Adlington Skips.

Overloading your skip is going to do you no favours and will leave you on the receiving end of an expensive fine or even worse- your skip could be refused collection, so you’ll either need to hire a second skip or pay to have the excess materials removed.

Other Alternatives

If Skip Hire Preston isn’t right for you, you’re sure to benefit from the other disposal services that Adlington Skips provide.

Driving waste yourself to the local tipping facilities will allow you to remove waste from your premises, essentially allowing you to sustain a clean and tidy environment.

Why not arrange doorstep collection? This will allow you to remove bags of waste from your bathroom renovation, saving you from needing to transport them to the nearest tip.

Before you decide to throw everything inside a skip (for convenience) ask yourself whether items can be recycled or reused; can you donate them to businesses or friends and family?

When it comes to storing waste from your bathroom upgrade, you can bet Adlington Skips have just the solution for you; simply call them on 01257 474 747 today!