Safety Tips for Machine Operations: 4 Tips to Minimize the Chances of Workplace Injuries and Fatalities


Modern machines have not only made manufacturing thousands of time more productive, but they have also made working in a factory, farm or at a construction site safer for the workers. However, accidents and deaths are still not uncommon in work environments because employers do not always use the best possible industrial safety products, in spite of them being so easily available these days. Sometimes, the workers endanger their own lives by not following safety protocols as well. To prevent such oversights and make any workplace that has heavy machinery operating in it safer, here are four tips that could just save lives when implemented with diligence.

Proper Machine Guarding

The use of industrial safety products  such as a frame ejection curtain or a drill guard, for example, are pretty standard by now, but not everyone pays enough attention to making sure that every piece of heavy machinery in the workplace is guarded properly by appropriate safety guards. As a result of that, there’s always the risk that a flying chip of some material, or an out of control, rotating part will end up hurting somebody or cause an accident. The solution lies in not skimping out and simply making all the machines safer by fitting them with the appropriate guards without exception.

Make It Mandatory to Wear Safety Equipment

Unfortunately, a lot of workers still falsely believe that they do not need safety equipment and unless the employer is using some sort of a penalty system to penalize them for their neglect, they will keep neglecting the safety measures whenever they can. To prevent this, make it a policy to financially or legally penalize every worker who doesn’t wear the right safety gear at all times, or neglects any other safety protocols. It may seem extreme, but it will save lives.

Only Hire Trained Employees or Train Them

Handling heavy modern machinery isn’t something that just anyone can do without training. Even experienced workers will need training with new equipment in order for them to handle the machines successfully. Therefore, either only hire trained workers or train them sufficiently before actually putting them to work with the machines.

Spread Awareness about Loading Zone Safety Rules

Any machine that’s loading or unloading material or shipments should be monitored only after keeping a safe distance from the loading area. Neither human beings, nor machines can be trusted with 100% certainty that they will be able to do everything properly each time. A lot of workplace accidents occur during loading and unloading, so make it a policy for everyone to stay away from the potentially dangerous sections during the processes.

While manufacturers are always trying to make equipment that’s safer than before, no one working in core production should ever forget that any heavy machinery that can hurt or kill someone will eventually do so, unless there’s appropriate protection in place and everyone is following all the necessary safety protocols.