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Oildex operates one of the most extensive networks of business in the oil and natural gas industry. It offers a complete collection of financial solutions that include secure digital data exchange services and collaborative workflow software. The company aims at eliminating the use of paper, data entry, and manual processing from the oil and natural gas industry, to enable companies to increase efficiency and minimize cost.

Oildex has been successful in helping companies turn to complete electronic invoices. While their headquarters are in Denver, Colorado, they also have their presence with offices in Calgary, Houston, and Austin.

What Solutions Are Offered At Oildex

OpenInvoice is a cloud-based solution that increases spend visibility, minimizes payables cost, and improves the spend control. This is a modular and easily scalable solution, which makes it suitable for companies of diverse sizes. It enables buyers to collaborate with suppliers securely and helps the supplier to strengthen business with better cash flow.

OpenTicketTM was earlier known as the OpenInvoice Field Ticket, and this is a cloud-based software solution that helps in digitalizing the field ticket process. It allows service providers and operators to review, generate, and approve the electronic field tickets.

Supplier Link connects the accounting system to OpenInvoice, so the invoices are automatically loaded into the system, eliminating the need for entering data two times. It helps in managing more invoices, minimizes human error, and saves both time and energy.

Oildex is one of the most extensive networks of oil and gas companies and their partners. They help in exchanging data securely with higher efficiency and reduced cost. Whether you send or receive data, or do both, Oildex system can help you manage that with ease.

Oildex offers high-end customer support to the oil and natural gas companies. It optimizes data distribution operations and workflow to make them more profitable for business owners, partners, and vendors.

The all-inclusive Oilfield Services Suite enables you to optimize the business processes spread across the entire organization, starting from the field wells to the executive suite. It helps in reducing costs, increasing transparency, improving productivity, and ensuring resource utilization for better business decisions.

What Are The Top Resources Available At Oildex

Oildex brings you a comprehensive online directory containing oil and gas filtration companies, institutions, and organizations associated with the industry. If your company is related to oil and natural gas industry, you can get it listed here. Oildex offers press releases and media coverage for the latest news in the industry.  You can find out the latest improvements and get information about the future events and seminars.

There is a video library where you can check the customer testimonials provided by the top companies in the industry. You can also check the various product videos and demos offered on the website. Oildex also has a blog section where you can find the latest information and useful articles related to the industry. For any query, or to get your company registered, simply contact one of the four Olidex offices. You may either call at the toll-free number or fill up the online form mentioning your question.