Innovation in the ‘software’


The S8 includes extras through software – some already present in models such as the S7 or the failed and explosive Note 7 – that take advantage of the large size of your screen to, for example, run two applications at once in split screen or Generate fun ‘gifs’ from the videos that are played on the screen. Another interesting story is that the Galaxy S9 which is the next upcoming flagship of Samsung is going to hit the market in the first quarter of next year with a latest Android Version 8.0 which will run the smartphone super-smoothly, super-fast and vigorously. Moreover, it is anticipated that this latest Android version will be named as “Oreo”.

Another very interesting option is the intelligent screen capture that, for example, allows you to save a copy of a complete web page by scrolling or select only a part of the screen and then recognize the text in the image and copy it to the clipboard.

The entire interface design is replete with effects and details that enhance the futuristic look of the smartphone, such as the pop-up notifications that illuminate the curved edges of the S8. The appearance of futuristic Galaxy S9 smartphone is vigorously amazing having a screen size of 5.8” AMOLED 4K edge-to-edge display. And thanks to the designers – fingerprint scanner will be repositioned, the display will nix the physical Home button and front panel will cover 95% Screen to body ratio.

Safety: Fingerprints, Face, and Eyes

Samsung has also wanted to place special emphasis on security. There are three ways to unlock the S8 using biometric patterns and all have their pros and their cons which will be resolved by the coming of fabulous worry-free Galaxy S9.

As we already mentioned that Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner is really bad when it comes to its position only otherwise it is very much impressive. The S8 fingerprint sensor is very fast but its location has been criticized, next to the camera. Although not the most comfortable place, it is not so difficult to locate and reach, although it is simpler if you use a holster. The quicker functioning of this sensor in Samsung Galaxy S9 is like the cherry on the cake.

Let’s come to the iris scanner. The iris reader also works very fast, but you have to focus well on the eyes and, although it can be easily used without light. Until now, no smartphone’s iris scanner worked completely well in direct sunlight and so in S8 also it does not work very well with direct sunlight, or obviously with sunglasses. Let’s see will the Samsung this time be able to find a solution to this issue for its Galaxy S9 or not.

The facial recognition is the third and final biometric pattern to unlock the phone. It has the advantage of not pointing exactly to the eyes, but, unlike the iris sensor, it does not work in the dark and yes in broad daylight, as per the hearsay.