Improving Mining Solutions: The Role of Mining Consultants


Mining forms one of the largest global industries, and this industry is a major source of income for many countries, especially mineral-rich countries like South Africa. However, with high reward business there is often also very high risk, and this is especially true in mining. Things go wrong, and that is why mining engineering consultants and mining solution providers are so vital to this industry and those reliant on it.

Mining solutions have improved safety

It is a fact that although mining is a valuable source of income for many individuals and countries, it is also one of the most dangerous industries to work in. South Africa in particular is known for having among the world’s deepest and most dangerous mines, with the Chamber of Mines reporting over 200 fatalities in 2007. Thanks to the implementation of effective regulations and mining solutions developed by various companies and mining engineering consultants, this figure dropped steadily over the following decade, with only a slight spike in 2017 (with a total of 82 fatalities).

The various mining solutions such as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), regular safety briefings and environmental regulations, and others, have clearly had a major impact on the safety in South African mines.

Expert analysis of mining consultants

Aside from solutions that reduce the mining fatality total overall, expert risk assessment is another vital mining solution. Proper mining project management involves getting mining engineering consultants and other experts in to do research and perform a full risk assessment before commencing a project. In this way it can be determined whether each particular mining project could be successful before risking the lives of miners and compromising company capital; the full extent of the risks involved across all resources are to be understood beforehand.

Feasibility studies

As much as risk assessment and research assist in deciding whether or not a project can be successful, mining engineering consultants and other professionals can also be brought in to perform feasibility studies for entire mines. These studies involve Life of Mine planning and scenarios alongside mine design, stockpiling strategies and various other aspects of planning for a successful mining operation. This allows the mine to make use of external professionals and consultants to provide an objective view of the mine’s current feasibility, as well as strategies to improve this feasibility and production in the long term.

The reality is that mining is an industry rife with danger and risks that are as massive as the potential rewards, but there are professionals who make it their business to know what it takes to make the risk worthwhile. The Zulu word ukwazi means “to know”, and that is exactly what the experts at Ukwazi do: they know! Speak to them and share in their extensive mining knowledge.