How to extend a motherboard’s life


A motherboard is one of the most important parts of any computer. Central to any process, a computer isn’t able to operate properly without an effective motherboard, largely because it moves electricity to all components. Although the owner of a computer or laptop must maintain their mouse or keyboard, the same applies to their motherboard. By following these maintenance tips, a motherboard will work for longer:


Reduce temperature

A computer or laptop will become very warm if it doesn’t have adequate ventilation. Although IT manufacturers install fans in appropriate places, it could be fitted incorrectly by its owner when a computer is taken apart. When installing a fan, check that it’s in the right place. By doing so, a motherboard’s temperature is maintained.

Regularly clean a motherboard

Not only should a mouse and a screen be cleaned on a regular basis but also the motherboard itself. As with other parts, dust can remain on a motherboard. If not removed, it affects a motherboard’s ability to communicate with all components. When a motherboard is dirty, it can also overheat which results in it not working properly. It is relatively easy to clean a motherboard – a can of dry air is all that’s required. For stubborn stains, use a cotton bud. If necessary, use many cotton buds.

Don’t leave a computer turned on when it isn’t being operated

Even if a computer has a sizeable fan, it should only be turned on when it is actually required. If a computer is switched on for several hours, it will start to become very warm which can affect a motherboard. When a computer isn’t actually being used but is switched on, it also wastes a lot of electricity. This is particularly true when many programs are run or it is used for playing online games that have high quality graphics. As soon as a computer isn’t being used anymore, switch it off in order to prevent damage happening not just to its motherboard but other components.

Connect a computer or laptop to a surge protector

Although it might not happen to every laptop or computer, a property can be struck by lightning or experience a surge of electricity. When a motherboard comes into contact with a high electrical charge, damage can happen. In order to prevent damage, a motherboard can be connected to a wall socket via a surge protector. Even if a property is struck by lightning, the computers that are connected to a surge protector aren’t damaged. If many important documents are saved on a computer, a surge protector will be worth every penny. When a laptop is owned by a self-employed professional, it is vital that a surge protector is used.

So, if a Mini-ITX or any other motherboard is owned, the aforementioned advice should be seriously considered. If not, a brand new Mini-ITX motherboard might have to be purchased. However, if this advice is adopted, a motherboard will run without experiencing any problems.