How to Choose Temperature Controlled Packaging Systems


Cold chain shipping is in big demand in industry these days. There are dedicated packaging systems available to store, transport or transfer goods in such a way that the temperature of the product is controlled throughout.

Why would a product need to be shipped in a cold state or a certain level of humidity? Fresh agriculture, vaccines, pharma drugs, chemicals and fresh seafood all need to be moved in an environment that will not spoil the produce or render it useless.

Temperature controlled packaging systems are not a standard feature with every couriers. Rather, the logistics firm that moves such items are specialists in the cold chain shipment transportation and have the expertise and equipment to move products at the desired temperature the client demands.

It is often seen in the industry of temperature controlled packaging systems that items are perishable. These absolutely must be moved in a professional and climate-controlled manner.

Life Sciences are one the biggest customers for specialist logistics companies moving vaccines or drugs at desired temperatures.

What Kind of Temperature Controlled Packaging Systems Are Out There?

Pallet in Pallet Shippers are dynamic in the way large pallet loads are moved from one destination to the next. All side sides of the pallet shipments are super-cooled to reach the right temperature – regardless of the ambient temperature with the truck or outside loading bays.

Pallet Covers are also very handy for keeping the right temperature of the goods intact throughout shorter journeys. This packaging system tends to be a lot cheaper for clients but still serves as a go to solution for temperature controlled logistics.

Some of the logistics of cold chain transport is very demanding. To get the transportation just right and performed in a successful and correct manner, a shipping and logistics company like Soft Box should be commissioned to carry out your cold chain logistical needs.

Advances in the pharmaceutical industry have paved the way to send vaccines and inoculations across many continents. Where the shipment must pass through stringent border checks and handovers from truck to ferry or air cargo, the cold chain has to be maintained throughout.

Temperature controlled packaging systems can also involve reusable shipment packages. These are ideal for sending products in high quantity and regularity. Parcel shippers are another dynamic solution and clients can now also customise the way the packaging system is designed.