How to choose an Injection Moulding Business


Whatever your needs may be when enquiring about injection moulding companies there are a few areas you want to consider before committing to one particular company. First and foremost, building a professional relationship with one sole injection moulding company can ensure that an understanding is met where the moulds are made to your preferences, at the best prices and without delay.

Building a good working relationship with a sole company can:

  • Ensure limited edits as an understanding is built between you and them
  • Moulds can be completed faster and more regularly when sticking with one company
  • Trust is developed where last-minute orders and delayed payments won’t be a hurdle
  • Large-scale or regular business can often offer bigger discounts

What to look for

If you are thinking about how to choose an injection moulding business, it is worth doing your homework. We would recommend assessing three main areas in each prospective firm before making your final decision.

These are:

  • Design abilities
  • Toolroom quality
  • Mould shop capabilities

Design making

A professional design team should be able to make a product from sketch to computer to mould to your specifications, not their limitations. A business with the best design technology will be able to do this. If you find a company is trying to change designs needlessly then it is possibly best to hold onto making your decision until you have scouted more options. You want to be looking for a company that is strong in these fields:

  • Efficient planning abilities
  • Able to use any material or polymers
  • Complex multi-component design capabilities
  • Design to product completion service (no 3rd parties used)
  • Testing and problem-solving skills

Tool Room Quality

A professional company will be able to see your product right through from the idea phase to the end product. A quick check of their tool room equipment will see what their capabilities are. The best companies will have equipment for all jobs:

  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • Surface grinding
  • Spark Eroding
  • Welding
  • Large Scale Radial
  • Drilling equipment

Mould Shop

The best mould shops should be able to deal with any job. You should be looking for most of, if not all of the plastic moulding machines below:

  • Moulding machines that cater for multiple and complex sized jobs (50 tonne to 550 tonne machines give this option)
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Mould parts assembly section
  • Customised packing and distribution options


Take your time and ask each business a lot of questions! Question them about the machines and capabilities above and you should be able to find the right company for you. Only once you are 100% sure they can complete your job from start to finish should you sign an agreement.