How smart plugs help make your life easier


Many times, we forget to switch off the lights, geyser, air-conditioner or any other electrical device at home or office. This not only results in an inflated electricity bill, but may also be potentially dangerous. For e.g., leaving your geyser on for a long period of time may result in excessive heating and a subsequent explosion which emits colossal amount of steam. To prevent such mishaps, using smart electrical plugs is recommended.

These devices help connect the chosen number of electronic devices to your smart- phone, so that you can switch these on or off remotely. Further, you may also set an alarm so that the device gets switched off automatically at the pre-determined time.

Smart electrical plugs, for e.g. Betty Smart Plugs sit between the electrical outlet and the device you’re plugging in. Depending upon the manufacturer you have chosen, these are available in different sizes, shapes and specifications and help make your life easier in more ways than one. Read the list here:

Switches on and off appliances: Switching the water-pump on in the morning, switching off the air-conditioner and pre-heating the geyser or toaster; these are some of the routine tasks that you do right after waking up. These tasks do not take much time, but do affect your attention span when there are so many smaller tasks to be taken care of. Using a smart electrical plug will help lessen the work so that you can focus on getting ready and making your family prepare for the day.

 Helps you stay safe: A home locked for a number of days is likely to attract the unwanted attention of criminals. Smart plugs are a great help in these cases. These allow you to control the lights at your home and create an illusion that somebody is there inside the house. All you need to do is to tap a button on your smart-phone to switch on the lights or the TV.

Keep an eye on your kid’s activities: Worried because your child spends long hours in front of the TV or playing video games? Installing smart plugs between the appliance and power outlet will transfer the control to your hands. How? Well! You can set a timer so that the devices get automatically switched off after a particular duration. Make your child earn these leisurely hours in lieu of homework or other productive work that you want him or her to do.

Helps save money: Needless to say, using electricity mindfully helps reduce the electricity bill. Further, it also helps increase the life span of electrical appliances. Remember a penny saved is a penny earned.

Do your bit for the environment: Energy overuse affects our environment adversely. It results in increased carbon foot-prints and may aggravate the problem of climate change among other problems. Instead of just fretting over the problem, it is better to start taking small steps such as using smart plugs, and do our bit to save the environment.