How can you benefit from Finned Tubes?


Tube Suppliers, like USEL Tubular Division, supply Finned Tubes for new installations or made to measure replacements for damaged coils. Aiming to suit your industrial application of heating and cooling, they can help you to identify which Finned Tube suits your needs best and which will guarantee the best value for money.

What do Finned Tubes do?

Any Finned Tube from Tube Suppliers will have the same function but they are available in a choice of lengths, making it easier for you to find products that match your exact requirements.

The Finned Tube will allow you to transfer heat from liquids into the air efficiently, hence why USEL Tubular Division provides tubes for so many applications! Typically, these tubes are used for larger industrial applications, whether it be air conditioning, dehumidifying, drying or heat recovery.

How is a Heat Exchanger Tube manufactured?

The Heat Exchanger Tube is specifically engineered by a team of professionals and is used to transfer heat from one medium to the next without compromising efficiency.

USEL Tubular Division has developed a wealth of experience when it comes to manufacturing Heat Exchanger Tubes, especially Finned Tubes. They take into careful consideration your specific requirements, ensuring that you receive products that suit your application perfectly.

You can expect them to create tubes to withstand operating conditions, essentially allowing you to get more out of your products.

Plenty to choose from

As Tube Suppliers, USEL Tubular Division supply something suitable for everyone, making sure that you find the right products for the right price. Having worked in the industry for more than 30 years, they have developed a true understanding of what works best, so you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands.

In addition to this, the Heat Exchanger Tubes can be customised to suit specification, so why not consider one of the following:

At USEL Tubular Division, they think nothing less than providing products for all applications. The Heat Exchanger Tube can be used in power plants to act as exhaust gas heat exchangers. Other applications of the Finned Tube includes industrial dryers and air conditioning in buildings.

High level of efficiency

Choosing a Heat Exchanger Tube will provide you with a complete range of benefits, can you afford to miss out?

When compared to other tubes, the Finned ones are designed to be efficient. These Heat Exchanger Tubes are space-saving and suitable for various applications, they are also easy to implement and offer effective heating, cooling and condensing.

One of the main differences between a Finned Tube and a regular tube is the rate of heat transfer. Finned Tubes offer an increases surface area which is linked closely to the rate of heat transfer, ultimately allowing heat to be exchanged quicker.

Rapid delivery

Understandably, you want your products to arrive in plenty of time (preferably before you start your project). The team at USEL Tubular Division are always on hand to offer their expertise when it comes to choosing Finned Tubes, so you needn’t worry about finding the most suitable products.

As Tube Suppliers, they aim to accommodate all customer requirements, so not only can they help you to select the right products, they also offer rapid delivery to make sure that your tubes are delivered to a consistent level, wherever the destination may be.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with USEL Tubular Division on 0191 587 1777 today!