Dispose of Your Unused Car for Cash and Make an Impact on the Environment


Do you have unwanted or unused metal lying around your house? Maybe you have a car that no longer runs and is just taking up space. Instead of pitching the metal, why not take it to a scrap metal recycling company? Not only will you earn cash for your contribution but you will also ensure a cleaner environment as recycling reduces landfill wastes.

The Types of Metal That Can Be Recycled

If you have scrap metal, the following metals or metal items can be recycled:

  • Lead, copper, zinc, or brass items
  • Copper tanks
  • Auto batteries
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Household cables or armoured cables
  • Electric motors
  • Catalytic converters

As noted, you can also take your non-running car to scrap metal services in Weston-super-Mare. By taking your end-of-life vehicle (ELV) in for recycling, you can prevent a good deal of waste as components can be repurposed for use.

What the ELV Directive States

First published in October 2000, the ELV Directive in the UK states that as of January 2006, 80% of an auto should be recycled whilst another 5% must be directed to energy recovery. As of 2015, the Directive elevates the targets to 85% for recycling and 10% for energy recovery.

Make Money and Save Money as Well

This type of compliance is a good thing as auto owners can be compensated for their vehicles and scrap metal services can resell the parts or recycle the metal for manufacturing purposes. The end result means that the UK will experience less issues with over-crowded landfills and that users, whether they are buying or selling metals, will make money and save money as well.

This type of effort is a win-win proposition for both scrap metal dealers and the people who sell or buy the scraps. If you have any metal item that you do not need, deliver it to a recycling centre for repurposing.