Big Step to Improve the Efficiency and Health of Your Workplace


There are many different ways to remove odors, but not all are equal. The only thing equal is the necessity of odor removal. Keeping a workspace odor-free makes it more pleasant for everyone that works there, but beyond that, it can be a borderline-necessity if there are any employees with pulmonary or respiratory issues. Keeping the workspace odor free will keep them healthier by extension. However, if one is keeping the space odor-free in the interests of enhanced productivity, they should be aware of the differences in different odor-removers.

The most common form of odor removal is the use of heavy chemical sprays. These often don’t eliminate odors so much as cover them, though there are sometimes actual neutralization agents used. These don’t tend to work well if used regularly, however, as the chemicals employed are often no better than the sources of the odors in the first place. The next-best option is ozone. Ozone machines will deploy ozone into a space, and ozone handily neutralizes most industrial odors by binding to them. This isn’t an absolute solution either, however, as ozone machines need to fill the entire space with ozone, making it impossible to use them unless employees have a certain amount of time to clear out.

This leaves thermal oxidizers. Thermal oxidizers use extreme heat to break down the source of the odor. Regenerative thermal oxidizers then restore the composition of the air and release it into the environment again. This makes them suitable for odor-management solutions that can be attached to air handlers. Unlike the other solutions, it is effectively a form of air treatment. Regenerative thermal oxidizers are built to reclaim the heat and energy they use almost immediately. This means that while they use a lot of energy to scrub the air, they do it efficiently. This makes them a great option even for smaller-scale industrial operations. Taken in addition to their properties as air purifiers and pollutant scrubbers, this makes them an extremely attractive choice.

Regenerative thermal oxidizers from represent a good standard to look for, and this is also a good website to do deeper research through. Regenerative thermal oxidizers are rapidly becoming a lawful obligation in many countries and states, and this is making them generally more available and affordable as the market changes. Understanding and utilizing regenerative thermal oxidizers is a great step to take to increase the efficiency and health of your workplace.