Alternative Roofing Materials – Choose the Ideal One For your House

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The selection of a long-lasting, durable roofing material is extremely important to ensure the success of your overall home improvement project. While there is practically no dearth in the variety of materials that can be used for roofing, you need to keep several factors in mind, while looking for the one that would be perfectly suited to your taste and requirements. In particular, you need to focus on the quality, durability, maintenance requirements, and, of course, the price figures, while examining the different roofing materials.

Some of the popular options that you can consider for making the roof of your house are:

• Metal roofing – If you wish your roof to be really long-lasting, and sport a stylish, chic appearance, you are likely to find metal roofs much to your liking. Aluminum and copper are two of the most commonly used metals for roofing purposes, while stainless steel is also rapidly gaining in popularity. Metallic roofs have high insulation properties, and are typically light weight – ensuring that, no extra pressure is exerted on the building.

• Wooden roofing – Usage of shingles made of wood can help you make your roof look really fresh and natural. Wooden roofs are, in fact, ideal for bungalows, cottages, and similar such architectural structures. You can take your pick from pine, cedar and redwood, which are the most common varieties of wood used for roofing purposes. While these roofs are not exactly cheap, their eco-friendliness and long-lasting nature more than justifies the rather high price levels. When you are using a wooden roof, you need to, of course, take proper precautions against accidental fires.

• Asphalt roofing – Looking for a good quality roofing material, without having to spend a really large amount of money on it? Asphalt roofs can serve as just the right thing for you. These roofs are extremely easy to install, and do not require frequent maintenance either. They also boast of top-notch fire resistance properties. However, asphalt shingles rank much lower than most of the other roofing varieties, as far as environmental compatibility is concerned.

• Slate roofing – If you are all for adding a dash of class and sophistication to your house, slate roofs can ideally serve your purpose. Slate is easily recyclable too, and, combined with their quite unmatched longevity, they present a really viable and attractive option for homeowners. Slate roofs can be repaired with complete ease as well.

• Tile roofing – You can also consider using concrete or clay tiles on the roof of your house. The latter variety, in particular, is highly efficient in keeping out extreme external heat, so that the inmates of the house remain comfortable, at all times. If concrete tiles are the ones to have caught your fancy, you will be delighted to find the rich array of colors that they are available in. On the flipside, however, tiled roofs are typically much heavier than almost all its counterparts. The installation procedure of these roofs can be a tad complicated as well.

• Fiberglass roofing – Glass fiber panels can also serve as a dynamic and highly durable roofing material. The installation process of these roofs is relatively simple, and you can select glazed glass panels as well, for a richer aesthetic appeal. Provided that you are opting for corrugated fiberglass panels, you can also have stylishly designed skylights on the roof.

• Fiber-cement roofing – This particular roofing option offers enhanced protection against fires. Since they are not as heavy as, for example, concrete tiles, they do not require additional roofing frames either. You can choose from a vast array of chic textures, which might be present on this material.

Ideally, you should consult with your roofing contractor, before choosing any particular roof material. Getting in touch with a knowledgeable, proficient roofer from your locality is not much of an issue either.