6 Low Power Consumption Cabin Fans

Closeup of salon fan

Fans are one of the most neglected household or office appliances when it comes to planning while buying power saving electrical appliances. Think about your office or home, the fan is the appliance that is under work most of the time than any other appliance. Cabin fans have shown a rise in sell in the last few years. While a very few companies provide these fans, many companies are working on this new appliance to give the best priced ceiling fans. So we had assimilated some of the cabin fans which will provide you a pleasant breeze while consuming a pretty little amount of electricity.

  1. Havells Swing Gyro (50 watts):

The Havells Swing Gyro cabin fan is an eccentric product from the house of Havells that provides a pleasant and fresh experience in your cabin. This cabin fan allows you to get cool air from any direction while you are seated on your chair. It has gyroscopic movement to circulate air throughout the room. To protect from accidental touch, it is provided with a sturdy outer grill. If that is not enough, this wall and ceiling mountable Havells cabin fan has a speedy and powerful motor that performs superbly.

Features and details:

Some of the cool features of this fans are:

  • Air sweep: 400 mm
  • Grill for protection
  • Gyroscopic movement or adjustable wind direction
  • Speed: 1350 rpm
  • Aerodynamically designed balanced ABS blades
  1. Orient Roto (53 watts):

Provided with extra powerful motor and aerodynamically designed blades for maximum air delivery, Orient Roto is a name you can trust on while buying cabin fan. 360-degree cyclic motion and adjustable cyclic motion with the path set at 30 degrees or 50 degrees for different areas of air throw make it more worth the price. Orient also takes care of the life of the appliance by providing power coated guard and polymer ring.

Features and details:

  • Speed: 1290 rpm
  • Air displacement: 400 cubic metre per hour
  • Power requirement: 220 volt – 240 volt
  • Price: 2,400 INR
  1. Crompton Greaves Thrust Air (55 watts):

Thrust Air from Crompton Greaves has unique “CSRI” driven design for longer life and better performance over wide range of voltages. Crompton Greaves is the undisputed leader of the market when it comes to manufacturing world class electrical home appliances. The Crompton Greaves Thrust Air 55 watt boasts a strong and two-piece motor construction. It is made of aluminum alloy metal which is ideal to take daily wear. Double ball bearing structure enhances performance. Powder-coated exterior safeguards the device from corrosion caused by rust.

Features and details:

  • Air delivery: 1560 cubic meter per hour
  • Rotation speed: 2500 rpm
  • Power requirement: 220 -240 volts
  • Price: 1,400 INR
  1. Bajaj Ultima Cabin Fan (75 watts):

Bajaj Ultima Cabin Fan is a sleek and stylish fan. With superior technology for enhanced air thrust and aerodynamically prepared PP blades, this cabin fan has got quite a good hold on the market from Bajaj.

Features and details:

  • Rated air delivery: 60 CMM
  • Rotating grills
  • Speed: 2200 rpm
  • Price: 2000 INR
  1. Almonard High-Speed Cabin Fan (50 watts):

This 9-inch cabin fan with polypropylene plastic blades, 4 ways adjustable angle and the high-speed motor with low power consumption is something you can always give a try if you are looking for a new cabin fan in the market.

  1. Atomberg Cabin Fans:

This company has already created a sensation in the market with its avant-grade ceiling fans with low power consumption as low as 28 watts. The company has also announced to bring cabin fans to the market soon. With ceiling fans of so insanely low power consumption, the hopes are too high that their cabin fans will bring a new dimension of power-saving appliances.

Most people focus on lighting and even air conditioners but fans play a major role in hiking up your electricity bills. So spend smarter from next time.