5 Tips to Buy Used Generator


Today, generator hires have become very popular options for many businesses and properties. However, investing in a pre-owned or used generator benefits many demands. It, especially holds true when you need to use a generator often. For instance, if you live in a locality that faces frequent power outages, it is vital to purchase one instead of incurring high hire costs. However, when it comes to buying a pre-owned generator, there is more to ponder on beyond the price if you want to get a perfect deal. Here are 5 essential tips that will help you find an ideal offer.

What do you Intend to power

Before making your purchase, be clear on the use of the power generated and its scale. The most advantageous factor about a generator is that it can power anything from homes, small businesses and large commercial industries. In homes and small businesses, many items are powered by a single phase power. In such a case, you can purchase a single phase generator. If you need more power for industrial use, you may require three phases of power. Depending on what use you want to put the generator to, ensure you calculate the power output requirements alongside the operating and the maintenance costs.

A Stationary or Standby Model

There are only two ways to install a generator. That can be onsite or portable. Before making your purchase, decide how the generator will be used. Will the activities demand for the to and for movement of the generator or will it be stationary when powering your devices and property? Take into account of the appliances designed to be powered. When deciding on purchasing a used portable generator, keep in mind that there are options of battery start and pull start. Whichever design you choose, it is essential to hire a credible technician to install a transfer switch to ensure it is hardwired to your property.

Consider Inverter Technology

Over the years, generators have been labelled as loud and bulky tools. However, there is the new inverter generator that has changed it all. These are lightweight, smaller and quieter. They use innovative technology to transform DC power into AC power, using high frequency. This power transfer eliminates the fluctuations and surges of power that are common in the conventional models. It means they are safe for the most sensitive electronic appliances such as computers. You can get used ones in different sizes and varying power capacities. While the conventional models are known to operate at a constant speed, the inverter technology design adjusts speed depending on the required power. This feature makes them fuel efficient, which has led to their definition as friendly electrical tools. Unlike the conventional pre-owned models that may require frequent maintenance, these do not need special treatment for maintenance. All they require is the inspection of their batteries once a year if bought in good condition.

Load Test

Your dealer may have conducted this very important test. However, carry out your own to be certain of accuracy. This is a test that determines the total efficiency of the generation of power. There is no harm in carrying out several tests before making striking the deal to be sure there are no unexpected power breakdowns. As you plan your budget include the maintenance and operating costs. There should be an inventory of the appliance or the gadget you expect the generator to power. Take note of the running and the start-up wattage. What are the wattage values of the device when added up? The result you get amounts to the minimum power required. In future, you may need some additional power for other electronic gadgets. To be safe, always opt for a generator that has at least 20 percent extra output.


Before paying for the device, have the used generator thoroughly inspected. In fact, have a duly certified engineer do this work. The specialist should be keen on the integrity of each mechanical component for traces of corrosion. Be careful to check with the seller if the generator has had load test for efficiency check-ups. Once you calculate the load test, you should determine the amount of load the generator can handle.

With that in mind, identify a trusted manufacturer with an established reputation like Powerfind International for purchasing used equipment. Not only will that give you the peace of mind, but give the assurance of the easy access of replacement parts if ever you need them.