5 Reasons You Need Commercial Biomass Boilers At Your Business Premises


As we’re expecting energy costs to rise this year, anyone who owns and runs a business premises will be on the lookout for innovative ways on cutting back. You could start using energy saving lightbulbs or maybe make a decision to turn off any electrical devices when not in use, but most would benefit significantly from purchasing a new boiler that creates heat from biomass.

You might think this sounds a little space age, but in truth, some of the first boilers ever made used natural fuels, and so the technology is nothing new. There are many reasons why business owners should seriously consider this heating solution, and that’s precisely the reason why I’m writing this short post today.

For whatever reason, most people have little understanding of how much money can be saved through the use of these devices. So, if you fit that category, take a few minutes to read through the information under this paragraph, and I’ll do my best to fill you in on why biomass boilers are a great idea.

1 – They’re Very Efficient

Biomass boilers are renowned for creating the same level of heat in a much shorter time than we would normally encounter with their LPG counterparts. This means you can relax, safe in the knowledge that biomass will create all the warmth you, and your employees need.

2 – They’re Very Durable

Although biomass boilers are sometimes a little more expensive than the alternatives, they tend to last for a long time, and so this expense is warranted. In most instances, biomass boilers will remain in working condition slightly longer than LPG’s or oil.

3 – They’re Easy To Manage

If you’re worried about having to spend a lot of time making sure the boiler is running properly; don’t be. Biomass boilers are very safe these days, and can be left unattended for hours on end. You only have to fill them up with fuel once each day, sometimes even less frequently depending on the size of the boiler, and how much you’re using it.

4 – They’re Better For The Environment

As these boilers are powered by renewable biomass, you won’t be out of sync with mother nature anymore. Burning biomass produces little pollution and helps to turn materials that might otherwise have been wasted back into energy.

5 – They’re Simple To Install

Biomass boilers from Air Plants Heating and other reputable retailers can be easily connected to your existing heating systems without too many adjustments being made. So, there’s no reason why the installation should cause any problems at your business premises. The entire job should take less than two days; even shorter if the installation guys are willing to miss out on a few cups of tea.

So there it is my friends. Those were five top reasons why you need commercial biomass boilers installed at your business premises. We all know how tough the next twelve months are likely to be financially, so any savings you can secure now could make all the difference to stress levels later on in the year.